samedi 28 janvier 2017

Des Républicains du Congrès inquiets au sujet d'Obamacare

Donald Trump bouge vite depuis l'assermentation, même très vite. Parmi les mécontents on retrouve des législateurs républicains qui s'inquiètent de ne pas être consultés et qui doutent de la faisabilité de certaines promesses. Et nous ne sommes que le 28 janvier...

 "When Democrats were writing the Affordable Care Act seven years ago, their primary goal was to provide health insurance to more people, an ambition that the Obama administration went to great lengths to fulfill as it enrolled millions of people in Medicaid or private health plans.

Now, as Republicans try to devise a replacement for the law, they have set a nearly impossible standard for themselves: They have promised that none of the 20 million people who gained coverage through the Affordable Care Act will lose it if the law is repealed, even as they lift its mandates and penalties, pull back the tax increases that pay for it and pledge to enact a new program that will be cheaper for taxpayers and consumers."

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