mercredi 18 janvier 2017

Obama à 60% pour le taux d'approbation

Le taux d'approbation de Barack Obama atteint maintenant 60% et il n'est devancé à ce chapitre que par Reagan et Clinton. Quand on observe l'ensemble des données de ce sondage, on observe cependant qu'elles sont grandement affectées par le clivage politique. On mentionne souvent la polarisation polarisation politique aux États-Unis ce sondage en est un nouvel exemple.

 "Amid those glowing reviews, one-quarter of Americans (25%) say Obama is one of the nation's greatest presidents, far outpacing the share who felt that way about other recent presidents as their terms ended (11% described Reagan that way, 10% Clinton, and 5% or fewer said so about either President Bush). Still, nearly as many (23%) call Obama a poor president, more than said so about Reagan, Clinton or the first president Bush, but well below the 46% who said George W. Bush was a poor president as he prepared to leave the White House.

That assessment of Obama's presidency, as well as his approval ratings, are marked by sharp partisan divides. While 54% of Democrats consider Obama one of the greatest presidents, 54% of Republicans call him a poor president. Though he has earned near universal approval among Democrats (95% approve), just 18% of Republicans say they approve of how he handled the presidency. That gap explains the difference between Obama's approval rating and those of the two former presidents who left office with higher marks."

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