lundi 16 janvier 2017

Donald Trump "Foodie en chef"

Des observateurs ont noté que les habitudes présidentielles à la Maison Blanche envoyaient un message à la population. Après le départ de Michelle Obama doit-on craindre pour ses fameux jardins? Qui influencera le menu? Donald Trump amateur de restauration rapide ou Ivanka qui s'intéresse de très près au contenu de son assiette? Un sujet moins anodin qu'il n'y paraît.

 "The role of food in the modern White House should not be underestimated when it comes to culture, and, at least in the current administration, policy. The Obamas were, by all accounts, foodies. They ate at trendy restaurants like Rose’s Luxury in Washington and Nobu in Honolulu when they dined out, which was often. The White House started brewing beer and even keeping bees. On the policy front, the Obama administration pushed a sweeping healthy eating agenda, banning trans fat and cutting salt and sugar from the American diet. Michelle Obama made tackling childhood obesity her signature issue.

The Obamas' friend and personal chef, Sam Kass, became a celebrity in his own right in the food world, promoting farm-to-table and nutrition policies as his role expanded at the White House, from assistant chef to senior policy adviser. Past White House chefs, whether they cooked for the Kennedys, Reagans or Clintons, always reflected the president and first lady’s style and tastes, but tended to steer clear of the farm bill."

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