mercredi 10 mai 2017

Trump congédie le Directeur du F.B.I.: crise constitutionnelle?

Donald Trump avait le droit de congédier James Comey, mais le contexte entourant ce congédiement est trouble. Comey enquêtait sur les liens entre l'entourage de Trump et la Russie. Qu'on soit en accord ou pas avec le départ de Comey, c'est la suite qui sera intéressante. Il revient au Président de lui désigner un successeur, mais le Sénat devra se prononcer sur cette nomination. Jusqu'où ira le jeu partisan?

 "There are two ways to understand President Trump's firing of James Comey, and neither is unreasonable. The first is that in light of the multiple controversies that came to surround Comey, he was rightly fired. The FBI director needs to be widely trusted by the American people. Comey is not widely trusted. For the FBI, a fresh start is a good idea.

The second is that Trump does not want an independent FBI director; he wants someone who is fully subservient to him. Everyone should agree that Comey is not a subservient type. Like him or not, he is no one's lackey. When Comey is in charge of an investigation, he goes where the facts take him (by his own lights). He insists on exercising his own judgment.

The first understanding is comforting; the second is alarming. Whether one or the other is right (or both), it is the responsibility of the Senate to ensure that the new FBI director is a person of unimpeachable professionalism, nonpartisanship and integrity. At this point in our history, the United States is struggling with unusually high levels of polarization and distrust, and the FBI is engaged in investigations that involve the White House itself. The Senate's responsibility has never been more solemn."

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