mercredi 10 mai 2017

Watergate 2.0? Une journaliste se souvient...

Bien intéressant ce petit retour dans le temps et cette comparaison entre l'administration Nixon et l'administration Trump.

 "The Trump people aren’t very original. A few hours after Comey was fired, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Fox News that the press hadn’t paid enough attention to the Trump administration’s achievements while it was paying too much to the investigations into Trump and Russia. “It’s been going on for a year,” she said. “There’s nothing there… it’s time to move on.” In a press conference in September of 1973, Nixon chastised the media for paying more attention to Watergate than to his administration’s accomplishments. In his State of the Union address in 1974, he said, “One year of Watergate is enough.” Meanwhile, Nixon officials urged the press to stop “wallowing in Watergate.”

 Nixon was a much more intelligent man than Trump, but both men made a fateful mistake: They grossly underestimated the public reaction when they took desperate measures to remain in power. The one thing we can be sure of thus far is that Trump has intensified the already strong bipartisan concern, spoken and unspoken, about his holding an office that many don’t think he is fit to hold, even if the demands of party politics prevents Republicans from saying so in public. How fateful Comey’s firing is for Trump we cannot yet know, though we do know what happened to Nixon. Whatever the details—however it might come about—by his own actions, Trump has increased the possibility that his presidency might meet the same fate."

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