vendredi 12 mai 2017

Trump et le Russiagate pire que Nixon et le Watergate

Je partage une bonne partie des éléments soulevés par ce journalistes qui couvrait le Watergate. Le président actuel est un ignorant qui est hors de contrôle... Jusqu'à quand la "ligne de partie" épargnera-t-elle Trump?

 "Today’s party lineup in the Senate is of course 52-48, in favor of the Republicans. Thus a total of three Republican senators have it within their power to change history, by insisting on an honest, independent investigation of what the Russians have been up do and how the mechanics of American democracy can best defend themselves. (To spell it out, three Republicans could join the 48 Democrats and Independents already calling for investigations, and constitute a Senate majority to empower a genuinely independent inquiry.) So far they have fallen in line with their party’s leader, Mitch McConnell, who will be known in history for favoring party above all else."

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