mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Débat Kaine-Pence: l'épreuve des faits

Un survol de quelques déclarations des deux candidats.

"Clinton and Kaine are “actually advocating $1 trillion in tax increases."—Mike Pence

 Indeed, Clinton’s economic plan would raise an estimated $1.46 trillion in tax revenues over the next decade, according to an analysis by economist Mark Zandi. But the tax hike “falls almost exclusively on the most highly paid,” the analysis says. This figure does not take into account the impact of her other proposals on the economy. For example, his report also said that if Clinton were able to fully implement her economic plans, the economy would add an additional 3.2 million jobs during the first four years of her presidency. Combined with anticipated job creation under current law, that adds up to 10.4 million jobs. But the report also said that Clinton would face significant roadblocks to getting her economic plan through Congress, resulting in far fewer job gains.

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