vendredi 24 mars 2017

Jamie Gorelick, avocate démocrate d'Ivanka Trump

J'ai déjà affirmé bien souvent que Donald Trump n'était pas fondamentalement républicain et que ses liens étaient parfois plus étroits avec les Démocrates. Le choix de Mme Gorelick comme avocate pour Ivanka Trump reflète un peu cette tendance dans l'entourage du Président. Lorsque le gendre de Donald Trump l'approchée, Mme Gorelick travaillait pour la campagne d'Hillary Clinton. Il arrive parfois que des avocats décident de conseiller le "camp adverse", une stratégie habile pour une formation politique.

 "Gorelick sees herself as part of a time-honored Washington tradition of well-respected lawyers representing clients from the opposite party. Two of President Bill Clinton’s chiefs of staff, Mack McLarty and Erskine Bowles, turned to Arthur Culvahouse, former White House counsel under Ronald Reagan, to oversee their ethics arrangements, as did members of President Barack Obama’s administration.

 In hiring Gorelick, Ivanka Trump and Kushner — two expats from Midtown Manhattan, who are part of an administration trying to upend all of Washington’s norms — are simply following that old D.C. playbook, buying themselves the patina of a former Clinton Justice department official vouching for their good names.

But Gorelick is testing whether that norm still holds true in Trump’s Washington. Many former Clinton diehards have branded themselves as “the resistance” and view any effort to work with advisers close to the president as an obscene attempt to “normalize” a politically abnormal president. For this liberal crowd, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner — branded as the moderates of Trump’s world — are viewed as extensions of the president, just operating under more glamorous, and therefore dangerous, facades."

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