lundi 27 mars 2017

Keystone XL, quelle sera la prochaine étape?


 Donald Trump a donné le feu vert au projet, mais les opposants fourbissent leurs armes. Le Nebraska n'a pas encore donné son accord pour un tracé sur ses terres et les environnementalistes entendent déjà poursuivre l'administration républicaine.

 "There is another difference between the Keystone XL fight during the Obama and Trump eras, though. Among those who worry about climate change, Obama was a popular president, and he seemed mostly receptive to the activists’ arguments. He could also be successfully pressured from the left. After a major anti-Keystone protest in April 2014, Kleeb received an email from the White House that said: “Okay, you’ve got our attention.”

  Trump doesn’t seem to care about the environmental left at all: He won despite its massive opposition, after all. But from activists’ point of view, the Keystone XL pipeline has now morphed from an icon of Big Oil into a continent-spanning symbol of the Big Haired One himself. And they are all too happy to call on the broader, anti-Trump “Resistance” to help fight against it."

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