vendredi 17 mars 2017

Saint-Patrick 2017: maladresses américaines...

Quelques faux-pas qui relèvent autant de la simple anecdote que du manque de préparation. Le Premier-Ministre irlandais Enda Kenny était de passage à Washington malgré une pétition de 40 000 noms dans son pays l'enjoignant d'annuler son séjour au pays de Donald Trump.

 "During the U.S. presidential campaign, Kenny criticized Trump for his “racist and dangerous” language. Even so, the Irish leader followed through with the annual tradition on Thursday, prompting his staff and more than 20 Irish reporters to fly eight hours across the Atlantic to listen to the “Taoiseach deliver his well-polished son of the sainted shamrock routine along the east coast of America,” as the Irish Times phrased it (Taoiseach, pronounced, TEE-shock or TEE-shuhck, is the Irish language title of the prime minister.)

 And as the day went on, the awkward and at times embarrassing Irish cultural references from Washington politicians were nearly as bountiful as their green neck ties."

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