lundi 20 mars 2017

Robert Lepage et "887" à Brooklyn: critique dans le New York Times

Critique essentiellement positive d'Alexis Solosky.

 "He readily admits that he has failed to inherit his father’s humility, and the play includes some odd moments of hubris, as when he lashes out at a friend at the CBC for failing to appreciate his artistic achievements. This is played for laughs. Mostly.

 But “887” has a lot less “Götterdämmerung” than much of his work, and its best moments share a childlike simplicity, as when he stands just to the side of the model apartment house and watches a miniature version of his beloved father’s taxi drive away, its sign mournfully ablaze. There are many technological marvels — a signature of Mr. Lepage’s work — but they’re humanely scaled and rarely deployed for their own sake. Raw emotional force builds from the accretion of slight moments of remembrance and discovery."

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