mercredi 22 mars 2017

L'armée américaine est-elle suffisamment puissante?

Le Président Trump a réservé une part importante de son budget à des hausses pour les dépenses militaires. Cette hausse correspond-elle à un véritable besoin? Par le passé on augmentait ce budget parce que la situation l'exigeait. S'agit-il d'une budget en quête d'une stratégie?

 "While Mr. Trump has said that he wants to defeat the Islamic State, he has not explained how increasing the size of the military would accomplish that.

Mr. Trump’s focus on big-ticket items is mainly “useful in more conventional military campaigns,” said Michael C. Horowitz, a University of Pennsylvania professor who studies military leadership. “The kind of investments you would make if you were primarily focused on counterinsurgency campaigns are very different.”

Mr. Trump’s announcements appear to emphasize optics as much as strategy, Mr. Horowitz said. “To the extent that tangible pieces of military equipment symbolize strength, those are things that I think the administration is interested in investing in.”

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