mardi 7 mars 2017

Donald Trump et le tarif douanier: imitez la compétition?

L'administration Trump aurait l'ambition de revoir les politiques commerciales des États-Unis en s'inspirant de L'union Européenne et de la Chine.

 "This approach could result in higher barriers to imports that would end America’s decades-long status as the world’s most open large economy. This could lead to slightly higher prices in the United States for everything from Chilean grapes to iPhones to gasoline. But it could also provide a boost to companies and workers who make things in the United States and sell them abroad.

Will it happen? Mr. Trump has hinted at the issue, saying to Congress last week that “other countries make us pay very high tariffs and taxes,” but “we charge them almost nothing.” The discussion, if translated into action, could affect national economies and regular households alike — and create big problems for countries like China that depend heavily on exports to the United States."

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