lundi 13 mars 2017

Donald Trump et l'État islamique: quel plan?

L'auteur de cet article s'interroge sur la direction empruntée par l'administration Trump dans la lutte contre l'État islamique.

 "As a candidate, Mr. Trump derided Mr. Obama’s anti-ISIS strategy as a disaster, though offering none of his own. Now, in office, he shouldn’t ignore the progress that has been made. Local forces backed by American airstrikes have retaken large areas of Syria and Iraq that ISIS captured in 2014. The eastern part of Mosul, once Iraq’s second-largest city, was recently liberated from ISIS. On Feb. 19, Iraqi forces launched a battle for the western part of the city, where a million people are trapped in desperate conditions.

Last week, an American-backed militia in Syria captured the main road connecting Raqqa to territory the group holds in Deir al-Zour Province, severing the last supply and escape route for its fighters. The group’s claim to legitimacy has rested mainly on holding territory, so losing those strongholds would be a devastating blow."

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