jeudi 9 mars 2017

Hawaï s'attaque au décret migratoire 2.0

J'affirmais plus tôt en début de semaine que nous devions nous attendre à ce que la nouvelle mouture du décret migratoire soit attaquée devant les tribunaux. La rédaction de ce second décret est beaucoup mieux ficelée que la première et il sera objectivement intéressant de vérifier si les modifications apportées permettront de corriger les failles que les opposants ont exploitées devant les tribunaux. Nous en saurons plus le 15 mars.

 "But Mr. Trump’s new order is more carefully tailored, and Hawaii’s lawsuit relies on a more limited set of claims. It emphasizes the possibility that people with single-use or expiring visas might be blocked from traveling, and that lawful residents of Hawaii might be inappropriately blocked from sponsoring family members from overseas to join them in the United States.

The complaint — a revised version of the document Mr. Chin’s office filed as a challenge to Mr. Trump’s first order — also cites comments last month by Stephen Miller, a senior aide to Mr. Trump, describing any changes to the initial travel ban as technical adjustments intended to preserve the same “basic policy outcome.”

A federal judge has scheduled a hearing for March 15 to consider Hawaii’s request for a temporary block on Mr. Trump’s order. The order is scheduled to go into effect on March 16."

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