mercredi 15 mars 2017

Trump et ses impôts en 2005: des révélations importantes?

Rien de majeurs dans les deux documents dévoilés hier. Nous en savons trop peu sur cette année 2005 et rien pour nourrir les allégations de relations compromettantes avec la Russie ou l'Ukraine.

 "The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Trump granted a conservation easement in 2005 that could have wiped out as much as $39.1 million in taxable income—a step likely timed to offset gains that year. The form released on Tuesday shows more than $103 million in deductible losses, perhaps including the $14.6 million portion of that easement that could have been deducted that year, or losses reported on his 1995 forms and carried forward. It also shows that Trump checked the box for $3 of his taxes to be funneled into the presidential election campaign fund—in a year when fewer than one in 10 filers did the same." The biggest questions around Trump’s taxes—the sources of his income, the nature of his investments, and the deductions he’s claimed among them—aren’t answered on these two sheets of paper released on Tuesday night. If answers to them exist in Trump’s tax forms, they’re on the schedules, forms, and supplemental materials that accompanied them. And unless someone chooses to mail them to a journalist like Johnston, or Trump decides or is compelled to release them on his own, those questions will persist.

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