vendredi 3 mars 2017

Trump gagne-t-il en perdant?

Trump jouit d'une couverture médiatique intense et particulièrement critique. Est-il possible que les médias utilisent de mauvais paramètres pour jauger son succès? Tim Wu confirme à sa manière que Trump est président qui n'a rien de traditionnel...

 "If Mr. Trump is winning the contest for mindshare, the more important question is whether he’s really winning — whether the fixation on attention is an astute assessment of where the real power lies in our times, or just the superficial and maybe uncontrollable pursuit of attention for its own sake. One possibility is that, for this presidency, whether anything is actually “accomplished” will end up being entirely beside the point. One doesn’t ask whether an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” or a season of “Survivor” accomplished anything. After four (or maybe two, or maybe eight) years of riveting developments and a blowout finale, the administration will be gone, leaving little in its wake, beyond the memories, occasional cast reunions and “where are they now” columns. The careless execution of some of the early initiatives supports the idea that this president views the trouble of actually following through as inessential. “Victory” can always be claimed anyhow, especially when facts are just props, deployed for dramatic effect."

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