jeudi 16 mars 2017

Budget Trump: difficile pour les travailleurs les plus démunis

Même si l'ensemble du budget est cohérent avec les intentions de Donald Trump, il y a malgré tout quelques paradoxes. Le candidat Trump souhaitait redonner leur pays aux Américains, mais la classe moyenne et les plus démunis devront attendre.

" Trump has unveiled a budget that would slash or abolish programs that have provided low-income Americans with help on virtually all fronts, including affordable housing, banking, weatherizing homes, job training, paying home heating oil bills, and obtaining legal counsel in civil matters.

 During the presidential campaign last year, Trump vowed that the solution to poverty was giving poor people incentives to work. But most of the proposed cuts in his budget target programs designed to help the working poor, as well as those who are jobless, cope. And many of them carry out their missions by disbursing money to the states, which establish their own criteria.

 “This is a budget that pulled the rug out from working families and hurts the very people who President Trump promised to stand up for in rural America and in small towns,” said Melissa Boteach, vice president of the poverty to prosperity program at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington.

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