lundi 13 mars 2017

"Les partis politiques se désintègrent sous vos yeux" (John Kasich, Gouverneur de l'Ohio)

Parmi les candidats républicains pour la dernière investiture républicaine, j'aimais bien John Kasich. Gouverneur d'un "swing state", il est habitué à naviguer entre Républicains et Démocrates et capable de compromis. Kasich s'exprimait hier dans une entrevue menée par Chuck Todd.

 "“If you don't get both parties together, nothing is sustainable,” Kasich said. “I mean, if they pass this just by themselves, we'll be back at this again.”

 Kasich, who has met with President Donald Trump in the White House, indicated that Trump would be “flexible” with Democrats on the AHCA because he wants to pass something. On the same day he extended an olive branch for bipartisanship, however, Trump claimed Obamacare was created to explode in 2017, once former President Barack Obama was out of office.

Asked how to get Democrats involved when the president is saying such things, Kasich lamented the politics of seemingly everything in Washington.%% “Look, I believe the political parties are disintegrating before our very eyes. I think more and more people across this country see no purpose for political parties,” he said."

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